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Holidays in Indonesia: Villages sex tour

Hello… I am Hans from Indonesia… I would like to suggest the sex tour in Indonesia…

Indonesia consists of a lot of ethnic group…. majority ethnic group are Javanese, Sundanese and Malays…. The Indonesian girls have different sensation sexually.

Ethnics, Girls & Sex in Indonesia

Sundanese girls

Sundanese Girls; Sundanese girls have been known many years for their beauty and sensuality. Plan your trip and learn how to get organised a sex holiday in west Java.

Firstly, Sundanese girls. Sundanese is the main ethnic group in West Java Province. The popular places of girl hunting in this province are Bandung, Bogor (Cipanas), Cianjur (Cibodas), Sukabumi (Sukabumi town, Pelabuhan Ratu etc)… The Sundanese girls have been known many years for their beauty. During Colonial period, many Sundanese girls became sex partner of Dutch officials… They have got light skin (white- yellow), sexy shaped body, and sexually stimulating such as narrow vagina and bowl shaped breast… They are also wild in bed by performing movement like riding, hand job, blow job and they do not hesitate to try new variation in sex such as tit job, doggy style, reverse cowgirl…. If we perform sex with them, their vagina is really narrow. The natural landscapes of West Java mostly consist of mountains…. romantic view… we can perform sex with village’s girl in tea garden, waterfall, forest and mountains…. The villages girl could be found in Bandung (Ciwidey, Pangelengan, Soreang), Cianjur (Cilaku, Warungkondang, Pacet), Sumedang (Valley of mt Tampomas), Garut (Papandayan), Sukabumi (valley of Mt. Pangrango and Mt. Salak)…. the village girl still in natural… no risk of sexually transmitted diseases…condom is not needed.. we can use diagfragma or spermicide gel….and we can perform sex in waterfall, standing position and cowgirl… to prevent pregnancy….In conclusion, you can doing sex with village girl if you go to hiking… as we stay in villagers house….

Javanese girl

Javanese girl, sweet brown skin and skinny body

The Second one is Javanese girl… Javanese girls are as not sexy and beautiful as Sundanese…they more known sweet brown skin and skinny body…. but… they really soft in sex… they usually only attaching their vagina to penis… kissing and hugging… they perform riding, penis shaking not as aggressive as Sundanese… You can find Javanese girl in Jogja, Malang, Semarang, Solo, and Surabaya.

Malay girl in Sumatra

Malay girl in Sumatra

The Third one is Malays girl… Malays people live in Sumatra… various skin color of them… the most known beautiful Malays girl live in Riau and Palembang… they have white skin like Sundanese…and they have skinny body, bowl shaped breast, narrow eyes… similarly Chinese…

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How much to pay for sex and what you should know

Most of the prostitute in Indonesia paid $ 30 per hour…but in rural area is $ 15…. those are several words for sex transaction:

saya masukin: I insert my Penis
Kocokin kontol saya: please do handjob
Isap kontol saya: please do blowjob
memek: pussy
kontol/ titit/ burung: cock
semprot peju di mana: where should I cum shot?
semprot di dalam: in my pussy please
you ride my cock please: kamu tunggangi kontol saya
saya jilat memek kamu : i lick your pussy
saya mau keluarin: I wanna ejaculate
saya remas toket kamu: I squeeze your tits
toket/ tetek: tits

Submitted by Hans from Indonesia

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  • SLmy

    bro,the for your information.
    But i still have some question need to ask
    from the few places you provide above.
    i plan to visit Garut to have my village sex trip.
    do you have any hotel to recomend to stay for my sex trip….

  • Chris

    Hello Bro i want to know about Malays girls how can i find the hot one in pontianak i'm from Australia i have 3 month visit to pontianak please tell me the are i should go for fun want to buss those chinese Malays

    • Rocco

      Hi Chris,

      I am never been in Pontianak. Anyway, while i was working in Kota Kinabalu (Borneo), I heard local friends say Pontianak's girls are hot.

      From my experience, Borneo's Malaysian are protective forward their girls and aren't so happy to share them with foreigners. My advice when visiting areas with scarce tourist presence such Pontianak is to make friendship with the locals(guys) first, offer few drinks and have good time together. When you enter in their circle and friendship, just ask them to help you find a girlfriend. They will help you.

      “The two hardest tests on the sexual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage to ask what we want.”

      Happy Mongering


  • Rass

    Hi friends..i plan to visit bandung city next week..can anyone help to give me some sex tour info in Bandung..plan to stay near Jl. Kebon that saritem still available?? What are the cost for short time and full day? and if per day from what time to what time??..tks for the info..:-)

  • Hafizi

    Im interested with bandung sex village. Could you specifically tell me the location in Bandung (Ciwidey, Pangelengan, Soreang). Any contact person there or how do i get to choose the village girl once i get there.

    • Rocco

      Dear Monger Hafizi,

      If you are an experience traveler and able to communicate your interest to a lovely Java girls, it is a great idea to visit one of the villages on the outskirt of Bandung (Ciwidey, Pangelengan, Soreang). You need to stay there at least few days, hanging around and talk to the local people. While eating in some of the many street vendors, there will be your best chance to approach a girl of your like. First look at her and if you see that she make eye contact, offer something to eat and have a chat (mostly will not speak english). Buy her something time to time and ask to show you around town and why not, go for trekking with her.

      If you want to easily get laid, spend your time in Bandung City.

      Adult Holidays in Bandung; Best Sex Venues

      Happy Mongering


  • ed bandar

    Please tell me about the village girls in Cirebon and how to get to a village in Cirebon called "Babakan".

    Many thanks

    • Rocco

      It is easy to come from Depok (area near UI railway station, located on the north of Depok, is fairly close) using angkot (minibus) which stops nearby, the price is Rp.2000. Alternatively, just take a taxi, from Jakarta center it shouldn't cost more than Rp.50000-75000 by meter depending on what taxi you'll take (Blue Bird, while reliable and very safe, is on more expensive side.

      Hope it helps

  • Ramesh