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Cambodia brothels

Cambodian Brothel Town; Chicken farm in Sihanoukville

Cambodia brothel town Chicken farm prostitute

Cambodia Prostitute in the infamous “Chicken farm” waiting for customers.

I went there 5 times, in the afternoon the action is near zero now but if you know where your favorite girls live you just enter the shacks and ask for them, that’s what i did and picked up Srey Ni, 10$ all night.

For a quickie, 5$ + tips is still the going rate anywhere BUT there are many newbies now and some ask for 10 or even 20$ !
LT : i don’t know what is the problem, if me or the high season, but the other girls were all ok doing LT for 10/15/20 bucks and yet the mamasans come up asking 30 or even 40 UPFRONT ! that’s ridiculous and never seen before at the farm .. of course you can and must negotiate but it says it all about how bad the high season is turning the table even at the farm ! a girl i shagged maybe 6-7 times last year was happy to see me again, and she was happy to shag for 5 bucks, but her fat ugly mamasan wanted 30$ to take her out LT … in the end i told them to fuck off and by the way in the meantime she seems to have turned to yaba and lost 10 kg … stay away .. but don’t worry as after 18PM I’ve seen a LOT more girls than usual in the farm.

– Victory Hill bars : nice girls, and 4-5 stunners too, but the minimum price asked is 30$ ST + 10$ bar fine .. not worth it.

– Freedom/Freelance : the shadow of what it was 2 yrs ago, went there 3 times at different times, same story, 4-5 skunks and maybe a dozen old fat mongers, very very sad !

– Blue Mountain : THE place to shag ! many more girls than usual, maybe 15 or even 20 ! wow … it’s improving !
all the girls are young nice Vietnamese  they ask 20$ or 15$ but then they all agree for 10$, the ugliest will even accept 7-8$.
Had the BEST shag there with a 22 yrs Viet, tried to take her LT but again the mamasan asked 30$, while i was negotiating a Khmer guy took her in the room .. too late ! but they told me clearly that unless it’s late in the night they just don’t do LT anyway, of course if you pay 40-50$ they can accept.

– LV disco : 3-4 taxi girls at the entrance and nothing much inside.

– Skyline Club : rich Khmer drinking and dancing but nobody approached me.

– Star World KTV : no problem if you want to sing but the girls ask 50-100$ for a shag and only in hotel, not inside.

– 333 KTV : same as above.

– Karaoke Street : the usual Khmer affair, i don’t like it, and they don’t like foreigners anyway.

– Utopia : went there 4 times, now it’s mostly backpackers, there’s maybe 4-5 taxi girls inside but nothing to write home about, and they move in the beach after midnight anyway.

– Kong Bar : a dozen hostess girls but most of them are there only to score lady drinks, hit or miss.

– Dolphin Shack : maybe 7-8 taxi girls before midnight and 10-15 after midnight, price is still the same, 20$ ST and 30$ LT, some ask for more and some are not a bit rude ..

– Jam Bar : i truly hate this place but now it’s THE place to be to pick up freelancers after 18 PM ! 15-20 girls all the time, packed all the time, no stunners but many nice girls young and old, prices as usual.

Cambodian chicken farm houseConclusion

Well, sweet and sour, the high season is really taking the worst out of the girls, prices are skyrocketing and their attitude is no good, there must be many LDOPs in town, but in most of the cases i had some great cheap shags so i can’t complain !

The future of Sihanoukville, not as a monger’s destination in my opinion, it was good while it lasted, give it 5 yrs and it will be game over for real, only the Farm will survive because of the sailors and the Khmer but for anything else i can already see the symptoms and the therapy.

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  • Nathan

    So the Blue mountain info is just over a year old?
    and its worth a drive by?
    my friends used to go there a lot they tell me the chicken farms were are all shutdown a few years ago

    • Rocco

      The chicken farms get shut down and reopened regularly. Usually, the police raid the bars during tourist high season and let them reopen in low season. Chicken farms were created for the local population pleasure, not for tourist, and NGOs are monitoring the situation.
      For all the mongers, Nathan mentioned ‘Blue Mountain’. It is an area with Viet ladies offering services nearby the main market (P’sar Leu).

      In your next trip, Nathan, an update on Sihanoukville situation would be helpful.

      Have a safe trip.


      • Nathan

        If we go there I well try and do a drive by
        Now days we usealy take a girl each with us from P.P
        rather than try and sort one once we arrive
        we give the girl a test run in P.P first as you don't want a non preforming sourpuss for 3 days in snooky
        mostly I use freelancers as there's no barfine to deal with and just a day rate to negotiate
        and if you want to play with a local girl just send ya P.P girl to the beauty salon and hook up with a local
        we go down in the bus for 3 days then back to P.P
        and have a good ole time