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Isaan Girls: The charm & beauty of Thai ladies

isaan girls

Beautiful Isaan Girl

What to know about Isaan Girls

The most important thing in Thailand is money. Not just for riches but for the face it brings. Thais will use whatever resources they have to secure this money. The ruling class will use their power, the police will use their authority, the men will use their superior gender, and the Isaan girls (not Isan or Issan girls) will use the only appeal they have – their dark skin, beautiful bodies, and silky black hair that farang find so attractive. The Isaan women know it and their mothers know it to.
The poor Isaan girls don’t stand a chance from the moment they are born. They are shunned as second class citizens by their villages because of their gender, and third class citizens by the rest of Thailand because of the region they were born in. Oh! But the face they receive when they send home the bacon earned by prostituting themselves to the comparatively wealthy Farangs. And because of the face their Isaan families receive by this increased wealth their mothers turn a blind eye and encourage them to send more. And the Thai girls become the mothers. And this attitude is ingrained so deep in their culture that it could take centuries of mixing with the Farang for it to change. And it is only by mixing with the Farang that this change will manifest, for it will not come from within Thailand itself as the ruling class and hierarchy have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

So the beautiful, innocent, intelligent but forcibly uneducated Isaan girl head for the City of Angels and the beach resorts of Thailand in search of face and fortune. And the western men are there in numbers to greet them. And the Farang that are there to greet them, not so much the ones that have been to the Land of Smiles many times and survived, and not the ones with a hard heart, but the ones fresh off the plane who think they have just stumbled into paradise, they are the real victims. The Isaan girls think we Farangs are stupid like a water buffalo with a pull ring in its nose. And we can be. It is our by our egos, our fascination, and our lust that we are led.

Someone used the analogy that a Thai sees a Farang as an ATM walking, and it fits perfectly. All the Isaan girls has to do is find out the PIN code for a particular machine and pull out the money. And won’t their blood sucking families be fond of their second class members then. Now I don’t want to go and tar all the families with the same brush as there is always an exception to the rule, but there is a rule of thumb to go by.

And the white man become the victim. For the attention we get is delicious and we are captivated by it and in love with it and our little heads will follow the pied piper’s tune and we are deliriously happy and dance in the street. And when it’s time to go back to our countries we leave our shattered hearts scattered in Thailand while our body and minds are at home doing whatever we can to return ASAP. If one can survive their initial and enraptured visit to The Land of Smiles and eventually and objectively see it for what it is before becoming entangled in the deceit, then one could possibly be wiser for the experience and enjoy their future trips to Thailand. For once Thailand is in your blood it will forever be calling out to you. You could, and many do, visit Thailand, don’t bite into the apple, and leave with no desire to come back, honeymooners, couples, retirees etc. But a male farang without a travelling companion is usually changed forever.

ORDER OF IMPORTANCE FOR A ISAAN GIRLS (with little exception) is:-

1. Money
2. Mother and Family
3. Face
4. Thai Boyfriend and Friends
5. Possessions
6. Farang


There is no set order of importance for Farang it all depends on our personality and needs. They could satisfy any one desire or combination of the following:

  • Sex – you got it
  • Variety – you got it
  • Sexual experience – you got it
  • Romance – you got it
  • Short term companionship – you got it
  • Relationship – you got it
  • Holiday fun and good times – you got it

We can have whatever we desire – AND THAT’S THE CATCH.

“The Isaan girls can and will adapt to whatever we desire – FOR A PRICE”

Some girls are better at providing one particular need and some another. There is still some compatible selection process involved. And the white men maybe very sincere and often is, but there is little sincerity on the Thai girl’s part, only on the surface level. This is the point where a Farang can and mostly do become the victim. Even the experienced may find themselves caught in the spider’s web. It is a well used cliché but it is a “tangled web they weave”.

Now I’m not saying that the Isaan girls are wicked or evil. On the contrary most in their own way have their ethics and morals to guide them. They are mostly trying to be the best they can according to their conditioning using the only resource they have, and I would not lift even a little finger to harm them in any way. They come out the other end scarred enough as it is. It is just a different culture, “east is east and west is west”.

If we allow ourselves to interact below the surface level and become emotionally involved then it is very dangerous waters we tread and some of us barely keep our head above water and make it out intact. But the post traumatic experience (it’s traumatic) we are left with can take months (or years) of soul searching and counseling to recover. But we may come through the other side a better man.

Am I being dramatic? Maybe. For some who have a fortress around the heart will wonder what I’m going on about. Others who tend to give a bit of themselves will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The low class Thai girl in most cases is really only interested in us for the money. Sorry but we are kidding ourselves if we believe otherwise. They are not attracted by our looks, our muscles, our age, our dress, our goodness or our badness, only our wealth. Sometimes we will yield to them a good amount of money over a short period of time, sometimes a little more over a longer period, and sometimes a large amount over a long period of time.  The jackpot or as the Thais love is- LOTTERY. And some girls, depending on their acquired skills, hit the jackpot concurrently many times.

Be careful with Isaan Girls

What I have learned about the country I love is to stay on the surface. Don’t dive in. If you do dive in just splash around a little and get back to the surface where the sun is shining. Don’t dive in too deep where it’s dark, and not too long, or when you surface the boat may have already sailed and you’ll be left to fend for yourself in the open waters. For make no mistake:

 “If we laugh the Thai will laugh with us, but if we cry we cry alone”

I love Thailand. I keep coming back for holidays where my senses are always alive. I am fascinated, not by its history, but by its culture and people. I love the Isaan girls. I suspect they’re doing more good for their country than what fellow Thais and visitors realize. God bless the little girls in each and every one of them.

By Aussie Mike
  • The unknown writer

    As an aspiring writer I’m a fan of your work and as for your opinions of these places I cannot agree nor disagree as I’ve yet to experience them myself but I know a foul intention or bias opinion when I read on and you are the opposite. You’re objective and have the spirit of a writer. Someone who’s lost in this chaotic whirlwind and doesn’t know which way to go or which way not to go but doesn’t care either way because its about the story, the experience, the journey.
    Yours truly,
    The unknown writer

    • Rocco

      Experience and your life will not the same as before.

      Travel wide and far.

  • steve

    Reading post on ISSAN I must admit I lived 13 months in Thailand its a place of 1000 double Dutch ways I tell it as it is personally my time their look I was robbed 4 times by women and not little money either ! had I all the money back it was enough to take 2 people the world for a month 1st class !

    As much as I still like the place I think lot of the ''beggar be the chooser'' about it '' as far as woman go I think that if somebody come to look after you and give a hand – well there to be no appreciation on their part to you !

    I'm An Aussie I true believe we look after a lot of people in life – we should be looked after in turn ! The families of the girls' they do it tough but I think its a bit rude she wants you to feed her dollars till the cows come home then look after the 47 relatives at the same time))) –in no dictionary is that seen as fair !~

    Id team up with Issan bird forever but not the family)))) I got no interest in becoming a Thai iam an Aussie iam staying that way –old saying in life – he with the bux makes the rules -if she's paying for life iam happy to do it her way) but if mans paying he makes the rules ! they can be scammy ive learnt expensive lessons first 4 months out of 13 months their but the other 9 months oh no – nobody got me for 5 baht then ! And I still always had a good sort on the arm))))) I think – I don't know))) – but the ones devoid of family much better deal,— because she got nobody to scam for !

    Funny thing that I had 7 birds in 13 months only 3 did not scream for money 5 times a day where the ones family had passed on – the rest – would bleed you to death! I have a mate lived their 8 years same girl utopia never asks him for 5 bob again lone girl no family he's her family))0 she is 100000% loyalty and a real good sort too) you'd crack almonds on her ass by god she'd cause a traffic accident — and he's no wealthy man by any means !

    So there is a recipe that works find one with very little or no family ''oh they are their acres of them –most I found were ok very attractive Issan girls far better than skanky Bangkok born ones – he'll the Bangkok ones sell mum for $5 if they could Udon thani good place ''if your alone their devoid of a woman well its only because your gay'' huh !

  • Sebastian

    I absolutely love Thailand but I personally avoid girls from Isaan. If you meet a girl in Thailand who belongs to a low social class you can bet your ass that she is only interested in your money.

    I define "sex travel" in a different way, in a way that doesn't involve paying for sex. Not that I judge anyone for paying for sex, everybody can do whatever he wants but for me it is much more fulfilling to seduce women who are really interested in me and not in my wallet.

    • Rocco

      Hi Sebastian,

      You rise a good point but i have to admit is shallow minded. Isaan girls are mostly from low social class but yet many Isaan families are wealthy and the number is growing. Well, any woman in the world is after stability and protection that in now a days means = money. It is fun to have women in both ways, paying directly ( freelancers, whores, etc) and indirectly (girlfriend, lover, one night stand, etc.).

      Keep up the good work with your blog.

      Happy Mongering

      Rocco by

  • Zago


    I fully agree with most things which has been explained in the above commentary a bout Isaan, I would say thai girls.

    How ever in side my deep mind, I would say that all the girl are the same, no importance of the country where thay have been educated.

    Alle the ladies in on the earth are "lady bar", even in our western countries with our education. This is the rule, we cannot say it's good or it's bad. The only difference is the education, the culture, the origin, the habits, the needs etc etc

    so every lady has more or less be teached also by their culture, education, experience, philosophy etc that the sex of the man is his failure, depending on each one, and on the opposite, few man has been explained and has accepted that he should be stronger than his sex and cannot be addicted whith it because of the risque to spoiled his liberty, his life and his happiness… I know that is easier to write than to apply, but the problem is here and the thai ladies, from isan or elsewhere who are born for most of them with few things have been educated and trained in that philosophy.

    I would add that a man who meets ladie in a bar cannot expect to get another lady than bar lady as he is himself bar man…

    If I want a nice, good and strong car, for long time, I would not go to buy it in Africa, but if I Want just a nice and cheap car Africa would be a nice country to go…But I could not complain about the quality and the strength. I would have decided before buying, this is exavtly the same case for a man who enter a bar, he has already decided and am sur he will be happy for what he want to get, as lonh is sex but ONLY SEX…

  • Scott Mallon

    The moral of this story? Don't mess with low-class women. You sleep with dogs you get fleas. Use the hookers for sex and that's it. Get a regular girl preferably not from Isaan. Been living in Thailand for 17 years and NEVER had anything overly dramatic happen to me, nor have I lost any money to women. Why? Because I control my wallet and only open it when I want, not simply because some chick sweet talks me.

    If you're messing with a woman who is asking for money, ANY money, you're with the wrong girl. It's one thing to willingly be a gentleman and pay for her dinner or give her a couple hundred baht for a taxi, it's entirely another to take care of her extended family. If you go in looking for a woman willing to work and who is capable of supporting herself, chances of a successful marriage are much higher. Been married to a woman from Surat for 13 years and living in Thailand for 17 – we have two kids and are happy. I've been with money and without and she's still around.

    Listen to my words; stop thinking you'll find a wonderful woman in a bar, be careful about any woman who needs someone to take care of her (and her family), and if possible, don't even think about starting a relationship unless you can communicate, preferably in Thai. Also, try and stick with decent, well-educated Thais who don't need you. They're not as easy to land but they're more likely to stick with you.

    • Rocco

      Dear Scott & John,

      Thank you to share your personal stories on the field. Will help many people to take the right steps before fall in love for an Isaan girl.

      Happy mongering

  • john

    Very trough what this ausi block is saying.Very lovely ladies, but be aware money is the key.Was married to one 10 years,lost my job,no money no honey,left me with my kid,and that's it.You want some advise,have fun ,S….. your brains out, but do not marry these girls, you only hear the stories about bad endings very few turn out well,as long you have money you are ok, otherwise they leave you and seek another sucker.